Sambalatte Torrefazione

If your tastes run more toward tea than coffee, Sambalatte Torrefazione is for you. This haven for loose leaves is a bit northwest of the Strip on South Rampart Blvd. That doesn’t mean that coffee is ignored; they source their beans from the Colorado River Coffee Roasters and have a range of varieties. The coffee quality is up to snuff, but the price point is higher than even some of the casinos. Expect to pay over $3 for a regular coffee, or over $5 for a latte or specialty drink. The tea selection is even more diverse than the coffees, however, and the pricing on tea is more reasonable. Teas available are several varieties of green, ginger peach, chamomile, vanilla rooibos, monsoon chai, silver leaf, English breakfast, Eros, oolong, peppermint and Earl Grey. Jetlag Energy and Relax are specialty teas that will help you wind up or wind down, whatever you might happen to need at the moment.

Despite the Italian-sounding name, the theme is really much more of a French influence. Like many of these little coffee stops off of the Strip, the atmosphere is very relaxed and casual and sometimes features live music. Customers are encouraged to take their time, with free WiFi, power outlets and a library of books for perusal available while you sip.

For breakfast, many sweets and specialty pastries are offered – muffins, turnovers, danish, scones, yogurt, fruit salad, tarts, chocolate cubes, cookies, macaroons, Napoleons, tiramisu, eclairs, strudel, cupcakes, cake pops and carioca among other options. For something a little more substantial and nutritious, they also have a variety of quiches – vegetable, salmon, egg white and quiche lorraine. You can also get a fresh croissant with ham, cheese, egg, sausage or vegetables.

For lunch they offer a small range of sandwiches, soups and salads. Sandwiches on offer include black forest ham and brie on a baguette, turkey and swiss with cranberry on a whole wheat baguette, caprese on baguette, croque monsieur, cold cuts on foccacia and chicken or egg salad on white bread. Soups on offer are vegetable minestrone, black bean, tomato basil and split pea. Salads available are Ceasar, spring, Greek, fruit and Caprese.

Prices overall are a little on the high side, but Sambalatte offers a rewards card for repeat customers. Sign up for a card and your 15th cup of coffee is on the house as well as a free cup on your birthday. You can also add one flavored syrup to any beverage free of charge at any time. You’ll pay more than at Starbucks or the donuts shop, but you’ll also notice the difference in quality.