Grouchy John’s Coffee Shop

Grouchy John’s Coffee Shop just opened in 2012, and is a big part of the current movement of quality coffee into Las Vegas. It is a little ways east of the Strip, on East Wigwam Avenue near Desert Bloom Park. It’s another coffee shop that offers an escape from the casino environment with a unique vibe, but instead of funky hipster bohemian it’s more like a techie toy-loving overgrown kid environment. Vintage toys (including a large collection of Star Wars figures and memorabilia) decorate the place and puzzles and board games are available to play while customers wait for their food and sip their coffee in comfortable chairs.hey offer a full range of coffee as well as specialty drinks – espresso, cappucino, mochas, lattes, smoothies and hot chocolate. They get their beans from the Colorado River Coffee Roasters, a fair trade microroaster based in nearby Boulder City. The specialties of the house are the Grouchy John lattes and frappes, both made using white chocolate and amaretto.

Contrary to the name, service is actually very pleasant and the ambiance is warm and cheerful with an eclectic and mellow variety of patrons. The one downside of the place is that there’s a limited selection of food. They do have a good range of smoothies if you want some sort of nutrition. They do have a small range of sweets and pastries such as muffins, cookies, fritters and donuts, but no substantial breakfast or lunch offerings. They close up a bit early at 7 pm, but are up and ready to serve caffeine at 5 am on weekdays. They also have a mobile coffee cart that rotates locations from Wednesday to Saturday. Regular visitors can also get a stamp card that gives you a freebie on the tenth purchase. Star Wars fans (or just fans of good quality coffee) will definitely want to make the journey, but it’s even better if you have a four-legged friend; Grouchy John’s is not at all grouchy toward dogs and even offers them a free treat when they come in with their owners.