Grand Lux Cafe

Located in the Venetian casino right off the strip, the Grand Lux Cafe shares the same Venice theme that the rest of the property has. It’s actually part of a chain of eight restaurants nationwide, with this being the only location west of the Rockies. The chain was actually established by the founder of the Cheesecake Factory restaurants and is sort of a slightly more upscale cousin to them, with a menu that focuses on blending European and American comfort food with a handful of Asian and Caribbean influences (and serving them in huge portions.) You’ll notice some similarities in both the decor and the menu selections.

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The menu is an interesting mix of mostly appetizers, salads, pizzas and sandwiches, with a few larger dinner entrees. The appetizers actually seem to be the specialty of the house, with patrons raving about the various types of spring rolls they offer – buffalo chicken, crispy Thai shrimp & chicken, and double stuffed potato (with cheddar, bacon, green onion and sour cream for dipping.) Several desserts are on offer as well – warm sticky bun bread pudding, strawberry shortcake, banana cream pie, peach cobbler and key lime pie. The Grand Lux is open 24 hours and they offer a breakfast buffet in the morning as well, with the usual range of quick grab-and-go breakfast buffet options.

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Prices are a bit on the high side with entrees mostly at around the $15 mark, soups and salads around $10 and desserts averaging around eight bucks. One advantage it has over similar casino eateries in this price range (like the Cafe Bellagio) is that there’s rarely a wait to be seated; you’ll likely have to wait no more than a couple of minutes unless it’s a holiday or a particularly busy weekend. Though the ambience is a bit more upscale than the usual cafe or diner, there’s no real need to dress up; anything you’d feel comfortable in at the Cheesecake Factory you’ll probably be just fine wearing here.