Cafe Berlin

Cafe Berlin is a little ways west of the Strip on West Sunset. Here you’ll find authentic German food on the menu for lunch and dinner, actually cooked and served by honest-to-goodness German people playing German music on the radio. It’s the last of the authentic German full-service restaurants left in Las Vegas, and the clientele is a mixture of curious locals with European tourists and expats craving a taste of home.

The restaurant was only just built in 2012 and is located in a strip mall, so don’t expect the atmosphere of a German tavern first built hundreds of years ago. But the food (and the beer) is the most important thing, and that aspect is totally legitimate. They are open from 11am – 8pm on weekdays and from 4pm – 9pm on weekends, and have separate menus for lunch and dinner which vary in price and portion size. Cafe Berlin also comes with free WiFi so you can gamble in canadian online casinos – 2017’s top online casinos in canada – while you calmly enjoy a beer.

Lunches run from around $9 to $12, while dinners run more toward $15 to $18. For an appetizer you can open with a giant soft pretzel served with butter, mustard or cheese. For either lunch or dinner you can get Spaetzle (a homemade egg noodle dish) either with mushrooms or a meatless sauce and cheese, sandwiches with Schnitzel, Bratwurst or Bockwurst, Wurstplatte, Curry Wurst, Rouladen (a thin cut of beef wrapped around various fillings), Sauerbraten (pot roast), Frikadelles (minced meat dumplings), Goulash, Fleischkaese (a fried beef and pork loaf), and of course sauerkraut. The specialty of the house is their Schnitzel plates, however. American culture has somehow managed to associate Schnitzel with hot dogs and sausages, but in actuality it is a breaded cutlet of meat fried and served with various sides. The Jaeger Schnitzel, for example, is served with gravy and sauteed mushrooms.

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Beers available are various varieties of Warsteiner and Paulaner in bottles and on tap. You can also enjoy a glass of Reisling with your meal. For dessert, homemade strudels are served in apple, cherry, blueberry and poppy seed served with whipped cream and vanilla sauce. Vegas has a lot of themed restaurants that try to represent the cuisines of other cultures and fail, but this unassuming little strip mall location is the real deal.